Professional Licensing

Professionals licensed by New York State must meet accepted standards of practice. When a complaint is made against a licensed professional to a government agency for failing to meet these standards, that individual could be subject to sanctions such as fines, license suspension, or even revocation. Proceedings before professional licensing boards represent a serious threat to a professional’s career and reputation.

An investigation or disciplinary proceeding brought against your professional license is a stressful and complicated process. The attorneys in our professional discipline group have significant experience defending licensed professionals charged with misconduct by governmental regulatory boards such as the New York State Office of Professional Medical Conduct and the Office of Professional Discipline. We routinely represent clients facing disciplinary action in a wide variety of licensed fields, including doctors, nurses, clinical social workers, mid-level healthcare providers and many others.

Our dedicated team has the experience and skills necessary to guide and support professionals during every step of the process from the initial investigation through hearings and appeals. Our attorneys have a proven record of success defending allegations of misconduct brought against professionals. We recognize the high stakes of these proceedings and will diligently work to protect your license, career, professional reputation, and livelihood.